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Welcome to the Quote Builder

Welcome to The Materials Testing Equipment Quote Builder. This function is designed to help you get the best prices available for the items you need.

It is a well known fact that the civil engineering industry is a very competative one, and as materials testing is an important and neccessary part of almost aspects of civil engineering, we at Material;s Testing Equipment Ltd want to ensure that our customers recive the very best quoted prices for any equipment available. For these reasons we do not simply post a list of items and prices available. Every item and quantity no matter how small or large, is individually assessed and the best value quoted at the best possible prices.

To get started on your quote request, use the Quick Find search box to help you find the equipment you need. Below you will find a walk through of how to create and submit a quote:

  • In the Quick Find search box (upper left corner) enter a relevant search phrase - for this example we will use a 150mm 4 part cube mould - so we will enter "150 cube" in the Quick Find Box (if you have a product number such as 30-10834, you can enter this instead) Avoid using plurals; use "sieve" instead of "sieves", use "mould" instead of "moulds" etc
  • Hit enter or click the spy glass icon
  • In the results returned, you should now see the 3rd item in the list is "30-10834 Cube Mould 150mm 4 piece."
  • To see more detail about the item click on the product name and/or click on the ADD button to add the item to your quote
  • You can now choose the quantity you want - lets select 5 for this example. Click in the box under QTY and replace the 1 with 5
  • Click update to effect the changes
  • You can repeat the above steps for each item you wish to add to your quote. Once everything is added continue to the next step
  • Click on the "Finalise Quote" button or the word Checkout, to procede to submit your quote
  • If you are not already signed in, enter your email address an account password. If you have not created an account, do so now by clickin on the "Continue" button on the left side of the page under "I am a new customer" and follow the on screen prompts
  • Once signed in you can select your delivery address if it is different to your accounting address
  • Under shipping method you will notice there are no selectable items. As a default, we will automatically select and quote you the best value shipping method. If you wish to request a specific delivery method please use the "Comments About Your Order" box further down the page
  • If you have any additional requirements please add these into the "Comments About Your Order" box
  • Select the Continue button
  • You will notice that under the Payment Method box, there are no selectable items. As a default we will advise you on your quote of our standard payment terms. If you have any specific payment requirements such as Letter Of Credit, payment With Order etc, please add these to the "Comments About Your Order" box
  • Select the Continue button
  • You will now see a summary of your Quotation Request, including delivery information and products listed upon your request
  • Select the Confirm Quote button to submit your quote request for processing
  • You will now see that your request has been submitted and you have the option to choose further updates on the products on your quote. If you wish to be advise of changes to any of the items on your quote i.e. new product lines, spec changes etc. just tick the box next to that item and we will send you periodical updates of any changes

Your qutation will be looked at as soon as possible and a member of our sales force will contact you with any questions, suggestions or advice. Once completed your quotation will be returned to you for your approval along with all the information required to turn the quote into an order.

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